środa, 7 września 2011

Kontraktor - podroznik, ciekawa oferta pracy.

Dzisiaj dostalam w poczcie taka oto ciekawostke:

"My client require a (...) consultant.

Making this role even more exiting (apart from the fact it is urgent) is that it will be based for the first 3 months in Australia. I need someone who can fly to America next week to do a week of training followed by flying to Australia to start the implementation.

At this stage I cannot offer any further information but I am keen to speak to those who are available immediately and open to travel. We can discuss rates and salary options when you speak to the client and hear more about the role and please note expenses are covered."

Kto chetny na szybki wypad do USA, a potem na 3 miesiace do Australii? Ja bym sie skusila, gdybym spelniala wymagania i byla dostepna. To lubie w swiecie kontraktowania: wiele dostepnych opcji.

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